Equipo de Las Piedras Preciosas | Nushi Muntaabski [English]

Equipo de Las Piedras Preciosas

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In 2005 I founded “Las Piedras Preciosas”. While working with Venetian mosaic for more than 10 years, I needed to build a structure with the right people in the field. A small but solid structure.

From this arises the venture of allowing myself to talk to architects, designers and artists to perform work on Venetian Mosaic.

The Direction of the “Las Piedras Preciosas” is on Stella Blanchart’s hands, with whom I  work for more than 20 years.

Architect Pini Ponce, is our Executive Producer. She organizes my clients and manages the international area.

The rest of the structure is completed with my students, which achieves a always changing team full of new ideas.

Equipo Productor