“For Nushi “beauty” is necessary, that gift that contemporary art, many times tried to expel. “Her beauties” are to be worked on, lived, visited, seeing them every day and wonder every day”  Marcelo E. Pacheco. Art History Researcher.


Works in different disciplines. Objects, video, painting, performance, photography and installations. During 2004 and 2005 she directed the art direction of  Canecalón magazine. From 2005 she directed the project “Las Piedras Preciosas” where he artistic work integrates architecture, making murals, site specific, and other work done on commission for collectors, architects and industrial designers.


Taxidermia, (objetos), Galería Vasari, 2010. Mercado, (instalación), Museo Malba, 2008, Rancho aparte (instalación), CCEBA 2001, Últimas tendencias, Museo de Arte Moderno de BA 2002, ARCO, Galería Luiza Pedrouzo, Madrid 2002, El beso, Galería Doque, Barcelona 2003, Vértigo(Cubo de Nieve), Museo Malba 2004, Azcue, espacio de arte 2005, Colección Macro, Centro Cultural Recoleta 2006.