arteBA 2012 | Sueños de Vidrio | Nushi Muntaabski [English]

La Bella Durmiente from Nushi Muntaabski on Vimeo.


Nushi Muntaabski Murales from LEANDRO VITALI on Vimeo.

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arteBA 2012 | Sueños de Vidrio


Glass Dreams 

For the fifth year in a row, Patio Bullrich was part of arteBA. Its artistic and cultural stimulus plan consists in developing a special project by an Argentine artist. After the series of three editions with well established artists who have worked within the conceptual framework of Pop art, Patio Bullrich, for its 2012 edition, renewed its commitment by inviting the artist Nushi Muntaabski to develop her work Sueños de Vidrio, or Glass Dreams.