Brocoli | Nushi Muntaabski [English]

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Campo y Cultivos

Market at Malba

Perhaps the most striking evidence of this new edition of the Malba Contemporary, is the color that explodes on the ground floor of the most visited museum in Buenos Aires. Market-with all the reminiscences it evokes, within and outside the art-other game opens a substantial, sustained ownership of the project space of the artist Cristina Schiavi proposed. No solemnity Muntaabski Nushi parts, Gabriel Baggio, Elba Bairon are integrated on a walk through other attractive. In broad national and international invited artists installed their works in colored tables-with echoes American and clear markings Schiavi-work, engaging in real dialogue, which adds to the attendees. Baggio cooked at the opening a typical dish of northwestern Argentina; exhibits utensils made by his grandfather with pride distanced and framed family memories in beautiful embroidered tablecloths. Bairon presents white pieces of irreducible forms, as if in the view must necessarily amorphous naturalize, make them real, the remains of something unfinished, useless, or otherwise. Muntaabski exposes a monumental Venetian mosaics broccoli under cold lights of the room becomes imperial. Gabriel Ferraris, fruit and vegetable carver, quotes a work of the private collection of the museum, at the request of Cristina Schiavi, embellished with subtle ornaments tables. Everything is colorful, domestic public. Succumb vegetables, oranges are corrupted. The joy is contagious in the colors.

Juan Fernando Garcia for BRAVO