I love you… Me either. | Nushi Muntaabski [English]

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I love you… Me either.


“Physical love is a dead end” posits the original version of this song, masterfully composed by Serge Gainsbourg and performed between moans (orgasmic) by Jane Birkin, Serge himself more in French, Je t’aime (moi non plus).

As a child he listened over and over again in my house, as it was my mother’s favorite song, I remember asking her (mom) saying the letter and she responded

– It’s a love song.

– What do they say? – Insisted.

– She tells him she loves him and he tells me neither.

I guess from there, since then, begins this vast confusion that I have with the contradictions of love.

This performance is an exorcism for me. A public exorcism. Every time I sing and I repeat again and again the famous phrase (this time in the fabulous interpretation of Cat Power and Karen Elson), while potatoes hair, trying to understand what is the secret of unrequited love, give me heart and soul to that desire, until you give me the voice, the body, the soul. Share with those who are close by in the street, at the party, my secret, my question, why do I not? If I wait, if I love you, I’m your island naked, if all potatoes hair for you? Why not? Everything happens in a small public-private space, enclosed in a glass-bowl, a wounded animal, but do not lose hope to find an answer.

It is clear that the song is a sexual act.

Hands down my work over the years is crossed by a … erotic drive that does not leave me, as my mother whispers, humming this song while cooking and repeated again and again: I love you, me neither.

The potatoes will be donated to children’s dining Carranza and Cordoba

Nushi Muntaabski, November 2007