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Made in Spain


2min. 43 sec.

Video-performance. Córdoba. Argentina

Casa de las Americas, Córdoba, Argentina. 2003.

It is a work in two formats, photo performance and video performance.

It is based on the “Use Directions” that the fans that you buy as souvenirs in Spain come with. After buying one, I tried to reinterpret the gestures indicated on those directions.

“I remember you”, “I love you and I suffer” “I’m jealous”, among other feelings of passion of Spain.

The idea is to continue the saga, so they start to intermingle senses and misunderstandings of gestures.

(work in progress)

1 – I need to talk to you.

2 – I love you much.

3 – I love you and I suffer

4 – Be careful. We are being spied on.

5 – I’m jealous.

6 – I like you a lot.

7 – I remember You.

Nushi Muntaabski