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Tecnopolis | Industria Argentina





Idea and concept:

The idea is to take the floor of the esplanade, and generate a figure that is walkable, entirely made ​​with products from our industry.

The image represents, is emblematic of the 40s, where the industry of our country shone in relation to the world

This image will have two readings, the nearby (where you can watch while transiting materials) and which can be seen far from high, or a disputed mirror system (or placing an image plotter) which creates the effect of seeing this emblem of the worker and the people who can walk on their strong image.

Reference image used:

This image is from ethyl classic “wild naturalism” Peronist aesthetics approached modern image was not cutting edge, but the use of form and color concept provided a “graphical” immediate arrival to the public. In this particular poster is the feast day of the Assumption of Peron, who was a June 4. So the foot is UP NATION, which in this case is replaced by INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA. The typography is not yet final, as I like to investigate further and work on iconic typography.

Materials and measures:

The approximate dimensions of the figures are 40 meters by 30 meters. A total of 1200 square meters.

The materials used are: tires, bricks, make, cast metal, wood, tile, ceramic, and glass walk-among others. All materials are of National Industry, which supports the idea of the project. This project has the support of chambers of industry, which is doubly satisfying work, for “demonstrating” the quality of the materials and the possibilities